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Company Rates and Policy

Hourly rates (from pick-up times within a 10 miles radius until the vehicle returns)
Sedan $65.00 /hour
SUV $85.00 /hour
MB Sprinter/Ford Transit VAN $95.00 /hour

There is a minimum 4 hour use on hourly vehicles.  A gratuity of 20% plus Surface Transportation Charge and tolls will be additional.

Many unique rates for trips to airports and “point-to-point” available. Please Contact Us for the quote – / 973-785-1322.
Waiting time charges
Sedan $32.50 /half hour
SUV $42.50 /half hour
MB Sprinter/Ford Transit VAN $47.50 /half hour
times-square-suvWaiting time charges begin 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up from home or place of business.  In the case of pick-up from the airport, waiting time charges begin 30 minutes after pre-flight time (domestic flights) and 60 minutes after pre-flight time (international flights).

Please Note:

There is a $15.00 surcharge for service scheduled, or flights landing, between midnight and 5:59 AM.  20% gratuity will be added to the wait time charges incurred.  A $25.00 surcharge is applied for services scheduled Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Minimum Cancellation Advance Notice Policy
Newark Airport (Sedan/SUV) 2 hours
(MB Sprinter/Ford Transit VAN) 4 hours
NYC/LGA Airport (Sedan/SUV) 3 hours
(MB Sprinter/Ford Transit VAN) 6 hours
JFK Airport (Sedan/SUV) 4 hours
(MB Sprinter/Ford Transit VAN) 6 hours
Out Of State
Subject to
Local Markets
International 24 hours

Anyone making a timely cancellation will be furnished a cancellation number.  This number will be your proof of a timely cancellation.  Requesting a cancellation via email, will require you to make sure you obtain a reply with the cancellation number.  

Simply sending an email and not receiving a reply, will not relieve your responsibility of appropriately cancelling, or changing, your arrangement.  A late cancellation charge is equivalent to the full service charge of the booking – point to point or the minimum use of an hourly trip plus tolls or parking incurred.

“NO-SHOW” Policy

The “No-Show” term applies to a service scheduled by a passenger, or administrator, that was not used or missed by the passenger.  A No-Show charge is equal to the full fare of the scheduled trip plus tolls or parking incurred.  Special consideration is given to emergency cancellations.

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